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Kent Product Liability Attorney

When a consumer purchases a product and uses it for its intended purpose it is believed to be safe to use.

If you have been hurt by a product you can bring a products liability suit against the seller, manufacturer or designer of the product depending on what caused the injury. One or more of these parties may be held accountable for your injury caused by the defective product.

Even though the range of product liability cases is broad, these claims typically fall in one of the following categories:

  • Defectively manufactured products
  • Defectively designed products
  • Failure to provide adequate warning or instruction in proper use of the product

We have years of experience in assessing issues relating to injuries suffered by our clients as a result of product liability while using a consumer product.

If you have suffered injury in the Kent area while using a consumer product call us for an experienced product liability lawyer to fight for your rights.

Kent Product Liability


If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product you may be entitled compensation.

Our law firm has a successful history of litigating product liability cases and recovering compensation for our clients.

An experienced product liability attorney in our firm serving Kent residents will work vigorously on your behalf by:

  • Investigating your claim to uncover all of the related facts
  • Acquiring expert testimony from experts in the industry
  • Following up with employer regarding missed work
  • Tracking medical records relating to your injuries
  • Determining who is responsible

As a victim of wrongful injury sustained while using a consumer product, it is important for you to understand that insurance companies representing the manufacturer or seller may try to deny any responsibility.

Our experienced product liability lawyer is ready to assist you in fighting for your personal injury compensation rights.

Kent Product Liability Lawyer


We have successfully represented many clients who have suffered injury as a result of defective products.

A potential product liability claim of any kind requires a product liability attorney with experience and expertise in assessing all details associated with an injury and in building your claim, including but not limited to:

  • Extensive research and investigation into the cause of the accident or injury
  • Thorough review of manufacturer and medical records
  • Collecting information that will prove rights to compensation
  • Negotiating full settlement
  • Fighting for your rights in litigation

We have the skill, knowledge and experience needed to pursue claims for our clients in the Kent area with highly competent legal representation.

Call Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. for a free consultation to discuss a potential product liability claim. (253) 272-5226