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Personal Injury

We are an established personal injury law firm that for over 50 years has been representing victims of catastrophic, wrongful personal injury.


Wrongful Death

Wrongful death accidents are the type of personal injury cases that have the most devasting effects on survivors. If you have lost a loved one, let our personal injury lawyers help you with your wrongful death claim.


Slip/Trip & Fall

Slip/trip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. Employees can cause spills and not clean them up in time. City sidewalks may be uneven due to tree roots. Merchandise can be stored improperly and create a trip hazard.


Insurance Disputes

If you have had an insurance claim denied, our attorneys can review your claim to see if your insurance company is treating you fairly.

Car Accident

Motor Vehicle Accidents

When someone has wrongfully injured you in a motor vehicle accident you don’t need further hassles. Let our personal injury lawyers assist you in making a claim after your motor vehicle accident.


Burn Injuries

Burn injuries caused by the negligence of others are usually severe and painful. Recovering from burn injuries can mean severe scarring and disfigurement resulting in multiple surgeries and high medical bills.


Pedestrian Accident

Whatever the cause of a pedestrian accident, the injuries can be severe. And beyond extensive pain and suffering, there will likely be significant medical expenses.


Construction Site

In construction site accidents you can’t sue your employer if you’re hurt on the job. But you can sue a third party if they hurt you. Being injured in a construction site accident can cause significant personal injury and wage loss.


Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can lead to physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities. Brain injuries can force you to stop working. Symptoms can include slurred speech, memory loss, poor vision, and even changes in mood or personality.


Dog Bites

Have you suffered injuries due to dog bites? Americans spend nearly $165 million a year on treating dog bites. Most victims of dog bites are children. Dog bites can lead to other serious health problems, such as infections and tissue loss.


Product Liability

Have you been injured while using a consumer product? If so contact Ladenburg McKasy Durkin P.S.(now known as Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys) today. You may have a claim for product liability. Product liability occurs when a product has caused serious injury or death.