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Dog Bite – It’s Important to Know Your Rights

If you have been attacked by a dog, you know a dog bite is not a minor issue. In fact, a dog bite can lead to serious personal injury, significant trauma, or emotional distress.

Washington State dog bite laws are favorable to victims. However, there are numerous considerations related to dog bite liability, so we recommend contacting an experienced dog bite attorney no matter where you are located.

If you have received a dog bite from an attack without provocation, you may qualify for compensation for medical treatment. And because a dog bite can lead to serious health problems, it is important to seek the advice of a dog bite lawyer.

While most victims of a dog bite are children, suffering from a dog bite as an adult can affect your ability to work and sleep. Following immediate treatment, we recommend consulting with a dog bite attorney with a long-standing reputation for acquiring a full settlement of your claim.

Contact our dog bite attorney for assistance in obtaining compensation for your dog bite injuries. 253-272-5226

Experienced Dog Bite Attorney for Personal Injury Representation


Injuries resulting from a dog bite attack can result in serious nerve damage, infections, scarring, or facial disfigurement, any of which requires the legal representation of an experienced dog bite lawyer.

Our firm and its dog bite attorney have received favorable verdicts with compensation for dog bite victims. Because each case is unique, our dog bite attorney is committed to learning all of the details to formulate the best possible strategy for seeking damages and securing the compensation you deserve.

There are several considerations for you in protecting your rights:

  • Provide your dog bite lawyer with as much information as possible about the incident
  • See a medical doctor immediately and provide your dog bite attorney with results
  • Consult with a dog bite attorney before negotiating with an insurance adjuster
  • Talk with a dog bite lawyer to learn your rights

Our experienced dog bite attorney will provide a free consultation.

Why Choose Us as Your Dog Bite Lawyer?


Our approach as a dog bite lawyer includes systematic and thorough preparation for courtroom presentation. Our dog bite lawyer has extensive experience that translates into clear and careful delivery of the full extent of the injuries, including medical records and expert witnesses, and an explanation of the effect of your injuries to jury members, the judge, and opposing counsel.

Our dog bite lawyer provides dog bite victims with professional and aggressive legal representation.  Through it all, our dog bite lawyer is compassionate and responsive to the needs of each dog bite client.

Our experienced dog bite attorney would be proud to serve you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Call for a free consultation with our dog bite lawyer at 253-272-5226.