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Tacoma Brain Injury Attorney

Head injury or traumatic brain injury very frequently occur in vehicle collisions, and may require the services of an expert brain injury attorney experienced in these types of injuries.

In the case of head injury, it may be a mild concussion, or something greater that could result in a coma or even death. In diagnosing a brain injury, one or more forms of imaging may be needed to determine if emergency surgery is required.

Whatever the case, because of the complexity of a head injury or brain injury, and the fact that science is rapidly evolving, only a brain injury attorney who is knowledgeable in the latest medical science should be considered for representation.

We can provide an experienced brain injury attorney to evaluate your claim. Insurance companies often assume head injury or brain injury clients are faking, or have psychological problems, so it is essential that you consult with an experienced brain injury attorney. Call us for aggressive personal injury representation for accidents involving head injury or brain injury at (253) 777-1900.

Tacoma Head Injury


A head injury and a brain injury can affect your life in a variety of ways. A traumatic brain injury may cause physical symptoms, cognitive symptoms, emotional symptoms, or a combination.

As many as one million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury annually, and in excess of 70,000 experience long-term disability as a result of the brain injury.

A head injury might range from a mild concussion to a very serious fractured skull that involves swelling of the brain. Any type of head injury, if left untreated, can lead to either severe complications or death.

In the case of brain injury or head injury, the injured victim should seek a consultation with an expert brain injury attorney, as they may be entitled to monetary compensation. And because of claims adjusters who frequently minimize the extent of a head injury or brain injury by alleging that the victim will quickly recover, it is even more urgent to seek the advice of a brain injury attorney.

If you are the victim of a head injury or brain injury, we urge you to consult with our experienced brain injury attorney.

Tacoma Brain Injury


While the medical prognosis for brain injury victims who have suffered as the result of negligence on the part of others may be favorable for some, there are many others who experience a longer recovery time, and fewer individuals who just do not recover even over the passing of time.

In any stage of brain injury prognosis, we strongly recommend a consultation with a professional and expert brain injury attorney to avoid the discrediting tactics of some insurance carriers.

Call our brain injury attorney at Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys for a free consultation. (253) 777-1900