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Client Testimonials

We maintain a list of highly satisfied clients. Take the time to read our client testimonials. Client testimonials reveal the skill, care and perseverance we provide for our clients. If you’re a current or past client, please e-mail or write us with your client testimonial. We hope to add you to our list of highly satisfied clients. We have merged with Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys. Please read more reviews on Ladenburg Law to learn how our attorneys have helped 1000s of people with their personal injury claims.

  • Frank B. Ladenburg, Jr.
  • Michael J. McKasy
  • John J. Durkin 


Hello John,

Hope all is well in your world and that life is being good to you.

Not sure if you remember me, but you help Dorinda and I with the purchase of 40 acres in Eatonville about 5 years ago. All is well with that venture. More recently (3 years ago) you referred me to Frank Ladenburg to help with a roll over auto accident I was involved in. I called Frank and he has spent the last 3 years working the case which finally closed just a few weeks ago.

I wanted to thank you for the referral as Frank did a great job for us. Having Frank and his team handle the insurance companies, billing companies, and other miscellaneous issues allowed me to focus on recovering. I would certainly recommend Frank and his team to anyone needing an attorney specializing in accident injury.

Thanks again for the referral, it is much appreciated.

Steve Curran

After an incident which caused physical injury and a lengthy stay in a care center, I decided to look for an attorney who could assist me in providing monetary assistance for on-going health problems.

Friends recommended Michael J. McKasy, an attorney with Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S.  ( A reputable Professional services Corporation in Tacoma, WA. )

During our first meeting, Mr. McKasy and I agreed on an attorney-client relationship, and he began work by scheduling appointments for my convenience.  All visitations were made in my retirement residence, as was my deposition, which was conducted by the attorney for the Defendant.  Mr. McKasy also gave excellent training for depositions and for required doctors” exams.

I was kept up-to-date with all proceedings and received duplicate copies of all related sent and received correspondence.  He was alert in recognizing discrepancies, one which consisted of duplicate payments made on the Payment Summons form.

He also scheduled a court date in the Superior Court in Pierce County, WA State.  And he had arranged for a previous doctor’s supporting testimony to be preserved by videotape for the trial.  He was prepared with the names and telephone numbers of possible witnesses for a Court Trial.

I was impressed that at no time did Mr. McKasy criticize or make negative statements concerning the Defendant.  In every aspect, he was patient and respectful of the Defendant’s delay in reaching an agreement.  When a final agreement was reached, he filed a Notice of Settlement with the Court and the trial was stricken from the Court’s Calendar.

All goals were achieved.  I feel fortunate that my case was represented by an attorney who is exceptionally knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated and that is Mr. Mike McKasy.

Virginia G Heidbreder

Mike McKasy represented me in a work-related injury case.  Mike was very thorough from the beginning of the case until the final resolution.  The time he took explaining the different aspects of the case was very helpful.


Mike was always very well prepared at every meeting or deposition we had.  He had all the necessary paperwork available at all times.

During our mediation, Mike was very informative on how he was proceeding.  He was able to get us a great outcome from the mediation.

I would highly recommend Mike without hesitation.

The entire staff was very helpful and considerate as well.

Vince Mansanarez

“You deserve a bigger thank you than this card for all the hard work you have done on my behalf. Because of all your hard work, I consider you a gift from God. So I owe God a thank you card too. But do not worry I have God’s address. Shelly most of all thank you for being a trusting, caring, generous & very strong woman. I truly appreciate you.”

Thanks, Kaneshia

Shelly has been a part of my family’s lives since 2004. She has helped me in auto injuries, purchasing a home, and currently fighting for my children whom she has known and cares about. She doesn’t fight for a pay check, she fights hard for you because she cares about you, your health, your family, and truly cares about you as a person as a whole. She always returns calls and answers every question you have no matter what. She fights hard and always explains things according to your understanding. She is human and down to earth and always smiles and has a great sense of humor. She is very professional and has never steered me wrong or misguided me. She is a WONDERFUL person, a strong woman who shows no fear and does an awesome job no matter how much is on her plate. She always goes above and beyond and the firm she is with is truly blessed to have her as a part of their team.”


“I have had Shelly as my attorney on two cases and she was awesome during both of them. She is always very attentive, returns phone calls, answers all my questions and is always looking out for her client’s best interests. She is well worth her fee and is just a regular, approachable, professional woman in any situation”


“Thanks so much, Jim, for your successful efforts in coming to my
”rescue.’  Your ability and competence will never be forgotten!”


“Thank you Jim, again, for making a difficult task (dealing with my mother’s
estate) seem almost easy.”


“Thank you Jim for your kindness and generosity in preparing my ‘final
papers.’  Now that my legal affairs are in order, I feel as through
boulders have been lifted off my shoulders.”


“Mike, I appreciate everything you have done for Lance.  Just want to say thank
you to you and Kelsey.  She always has answers for me when I call.”


I had the opportunity to use Mike McKasy as my attorney in 2009.  I had fallen on the sidewalk in Tacoma and had to have 5 surgeries to get back in shape.

Mike helped me get through my legal case with the property owner and the city of Tacoma.  He went above and beyond to get me through it all.

It was a long haul but I ended up with as far as I’m concerned not only the best attorney in Tacoma but also a good friend forever.

He is to me #1

Charlene Courtois

Mike McKasy is concerned, very professional, objective, direct, cool-headed, very well informed, and knowledgeable.

He and his staff are always prompt in returning calls to the client.  I would highly recommend his services .

Kathleen Smotherman

Mike McKasy is a real pro.  He used his long experience to put together an effective, measured care that leveraged our position into a settlement we are very pleased with.  The office staff was great.  I would use Mike again.

James Smotherman


Many thanks for your help during this stressful time.  We count ourselves lucky to know you and your talents are very much appreciated.

Wishing you the best always,

The Mikas

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