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JBLM Product Liability Attorney

Personal injury cases can and do happen but when the injury has been caused by a faulty or defective product, it can be pressed as a legitimate case for damages. If you have been injured by a defective product and you desire to seek legal course through a product liability lawyer, we can help.

We at Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S., Inc. serve as product liability attorney in JBLM, WA. As a reputable and reliable product liability attorney in JBLM, we cater to each individual as we know that no two cases are the same. Many cases appear the same, but their nature and scale of injury could be different.

Depending upon the case we, as your product liability attorney in JBLM, file a lawsuit against the liable parties that could include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Marketers

You can rely on our superior knowledge and experience to provide quality representation and work towards a fair compensation.

JBLM Product Liability


People buy products assuming them to be safe and performing as promised. However, if the product has a flawed design or has been negligently installed or inadequately tested, it could cause injury to the user. You must hire an experienced product liability lawyer in JBLM to represent your case.

We will be your product liability attorney in JBLM and represent cases where defective products may be:

  • Medical products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Toys
  • Automobile equipment

With us as the attorney for product liability cases, JBLM residents can be assured that their case would be handled by the experts.

JBLM Product Liability Lawyer


While there are several liability lawyer firms in JBLM you must choose one that is a specialist in product liability cases. When looking for the best product liability lawyer firms in JBLM, you should consider factors like:

  • Diligence and dedication
  • Reputation and reliability
  • Experience and affordability

You should choose us to be your product liability lawyer in JBLM as we are known for our history of favorable verdicts in such cases. The reviews from our past clients indicate that your case will be in the hands of one of the best law firms in JBLM.

If you have been wrongfully injured due to a defective product and you seek the assistance of a product liability attorney in JBLM, call us at (253) 272-5226