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Covington Product Liability Attorney

Often there are cases when individuals suffer injuries due to defective or damaged products. However, in most cases victims are not aware of their legal rights in such cases. We at Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. serve as a product liability attorney in Covington, WA.

From our experience as a product liability attorney in Covington, we know that manufacturers do not accept their liability very easily. Therefore, you require a competent and experienced lawyer in this case. Our services as the product liability attorney in Covington include the following:

  • Representation in and out of court
  • Thorough investigation
  • Getting all medical records
  • Negotiate

You need the expertise of a competent lawyer to get you fair representation and compensation for the injuries that you have sustained while using a defective product.

Covington Product Liability


At times, victims that have been injured due to faulty, defective or damaged products are unsure of whether their case comes under the purview of product liability in Covington. In such a scenario, you must contact a competent product liability lawyer in Covington. You should choose us as your product liability attorney firm in Covington if you have been injured by a product that:

  • Has a defective design
  • Does not carry sufficient warning or instructions
  • Is defectively manufactured

Covington Product Liability Lawyer


There might be several product liability lawyer firms in Covington. However, you need to rely on a firm that has the experience and the competence to fight for your cause. When looking for the best product liability lawyer in Covington, you should consider the following factors:

  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Reputation
  • Affordability

You can choose us as the product liability lawyer in Covington as we have all these qualities in addition to much more. As your attorney, we assess all the details closely and ascertain whether you have a legitimate case or not. Once we are satisfied that you have been wrongfully injured due to a defective product, we take your case as your product liability lawyer in Covington and make all efforts to get you a favorable verdict.

If you have been injured by a consumer product and you want to take legal action you need the help of a reliable product liability attorney that serves the Covington community. Call us at (253) 272-5226.