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Personal Injury Attorney Pierce County • Accident Attorneys

Personal injuries do not always occur in city limits.  They occur often in parts of a county that is unincorporated – meaning not in any city’s limits.

Where a personal injury takes places can often determine which court may or may not hear your case.

Our attorneys specialize in knowing the best court to file your claim.  We represent clients like you everyday in the Pierce County courts.

Our job as your personal injury attorney is to make sure that all documentation is submitted, proper paperwork is filed, and procedures are followed to insure the best possible case scenario for your personal injury claim.

Some personal injuries may occur at places in Pierce County like:

  • A automotive accident in Pierce County
  • Workers compensation injuries and claims
  • Slipping or falling on a side walk maintained by a local business
  • Getting injured at an event such as a fair, convention, or other outing
  • Product liability lawsuits and claims in Pierce County

Sometimes people do not consider their personal injury to be “bad enough” to warrant filing a claim with an attorney.  Please schedule a complimentary consultation with our firm to discuss your personal injury case with one of our attorneys to see if we can help you.

Other personal injuries that can occur:


  • Being exposed to unsafe chemicals due to a chemical spill
  • Sustaining a heavy lifting injury due to an unsafe working environment
  • Receiving a dog bite while visiting a Pierce County park
  • Motor vehicle accident involving a Pierce County employee or contractor

Personal injury claims are not a laughing matter.  Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. treats each personal injury claim in a serious and professional manner.  We are here to assist you in recovering not only monetary compensation for possible damages, but also to help you in your process of mentally facing this personal trial you are experiencing.

Pierce County residents, visitors, and those working in our region we can help:

  • Fall was caused because of obstacles in the way that were not clearly marked
  • A burn injury due to unmarked *hot* areas in a facility
  • A trip or fall caused by extension cords not properly covered and marked
  • A burn injury that was caused by hot food or drink being spilled on you
  • An injury that was caused when you were a pedestrian


Brain injuries are indeed a personal injury.  If you have experienced a brain injury that was caused by another person or company, please do not hesitate to call us today to schedule a consultation

If you doubt that your personal injury may or may not be “worthy” of a claim being filed, please schedule a time to sit down with one of our attorneys.  Our attorney will meet with you, go over how the injury occurred, what treatments have occurred, and will offer their professional legal advice on the next step.