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Personal Injury Attorney Gig Harbor • Car Accident

Personal injury accidents can occur at any time and any place in Gig Harbor. On land, on the sea, and in the air. Below are some possible scenarios that may have happened to you, a loved one, friend, or co-worker.  If they have been personally injured due to no fault of their own in the Gig Harbor area, please have them call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our car accident attorneys or a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit.

Car Accident Attorneys Gig Harbor • Personal Injury

On Land Personal Injuries in Gig Harbor Personal injuries on land may have happened while you were:

  •    Walking the pier at the Gig Harbor marina and slipped on the pier
  •    Tripping on cracks in the sidewalk due to a tree root pushing up the cement
  •    Walking on a slippery floor at a yacht club due to unmarked spills and fell
  •    Skating on a road or side walk and fell due to unmarked hazards such as a tree root
  •    Walking in a parking lot and slipped due freezing ice left un attended to


On the Sea Personal Injuries in the Gig Harbor Area Personal injuries at sea may have occurred while you were:

  •    On someone’s small boat moored at the Gig Harbor marina
  •    On a cruise ship
  •    Attending an event on a private yacht 
  •    Riding a ferry
  •    Renting boating equipment and the equipment failed to perform correctly
  • In the Air in the Gig Harbor Area

Personal injuries in the air may have taken place while you were:

  •   Riding in an air plane on a private tour
  •    Taking lessons on how to fly an air plane or helicopter
  •    Para sailing
  •    Taking a helicopter tour of Gig Harbor
  •    Renting a jet ski or other water craft

Gig Harbor Personal Injury Attorneys 


Are you still suffering from your personal injury that occurred in Gig Harbor?  Even if you are no longer suffering from the physical injury, there may be damages that can be recovered through legal procedures to help compensate for the emotional suffering and pain you did go through immediately after your injury.

Each personal injury case is unique in that it involves different people, circumstances, and outcomes of the sufferer.  That is why meeting with a personal injury attorney of Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. can help you see where to go from here in your battle of getting healthy once again.

Have you lost time at work at your job in Gig Harbor due to an injury that was caused by no fault on your own?  Are you now out of a job due to your injury?  There are options that can be explored when you set an appointment to meet with one of the car accident attorneys in our firm.  Please do not continue to suffer from your injury in silence.  

Are you suffering depression and stress-related medical problems due to the personal injury?  If so, recovery of damages may be available for you to pursue with a representative of our firm. Have you spoken with a personal injury attorney to see if there is a chance at recovery of damages?  If not, please contact us today to see if one of our car accident attorneys can help you get life more back to normal after the personal injury.

Each case our firm takes on is important to us as we represent you, our client, in a court of law.  We strive to show you the utmost courtesy, respect, and professionalism as we handle your case.