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Personal Injury Attorney Spanaway, WA • Accident Attorneys

Personal injuries can occur anywhere in the Spanaway area.  Some people do not consider that personal injuries are more than just a slip or a fall.

Places that personal injuries can happen in Spanaway are:

  • You are on the golf course with business associates
  • You and your family are attending a sporting event
  • You are at a business meeting
  • You and your spouse are at a dinner banquet
  • You are at your child’s school helping out in the class room

Some personal injuries in the Spanaway area may not seem like such a big deal.  This is where a complimentary consultation with one of the attorneys in our firm can determine if it is worth filing legally for recovery of damages.

Examples of personal injuries in Spanaway:

  • You are involved in a motorcycle accident while on Pacific Highway
  • You are injured in a construction site accident while on the clock
  • Your child is bit by a dog as you are walking your child to or from school
  • Your child is injured while at their day care or preschool
  • You are injured while walking the lot or sales floor of a car dealership

Friends and family may try to shy you away from even a free consultation with an attorney to protect you from their perceived embarrassment that you may experience if you pursue the matter. 

We at Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. want you to feel confident in the decision to file or not file for your personal injury that happened while you were in Spanaway.

Personal Injuries can also include:

  • Stepping on broken glass that was not properly cleaned up
  • Injured by faulty equipment that was not labeled as out-of-order
  • Tripping on a power cord that was not properly covered
  • Injured by an unmarked hazard at a mechanic shop
  • Smashed hand in a door

Many times, people are injured and they have no idea that there could be potential recovery of damages for the physical damages, the suffering, and also the time loss at work.


Remember that a personal injury is when you are personally injured by the negligence of others.

The negligence of others is not often easy to determine.  Our firm specializes in personal injury cases.  Our attorneys are well versed in state law which allows them to assist you in your personal injury claim to the extent of the law.

The Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. Law Firm Will Prepare Your Case For Success

Even small injuries that happen in Spanaway can become a long term disability depending upon the nature of the injury and diagnoses by medical professionals.  Filing a claim for your personal injury may help you recover some of your financial burdens due to your injury.  

If you have been personally injured in the Spanaway area and have not retained an attorney for your claim, please contact us today to schedule your free consultation.  You will meet with one of our attorneys who will take a detailed look at your injury and will be able to advise you on how you should proceed legally if that is an option.