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Personal Injury Attorney Puget Sound • Accident Attorneys

Personal injuries can sometimes be temporarily or permanently life changing.  If you have been personally injured in the Puget Sound area by the negligence of others, then you may have the option of filing a personal injury claim.  

Personal injuries in the Puget Sound area include:

  • Falling at a department store
  • Food poisoning at a restaurant
  • Slipping at a grocery store due to an unmarked spill
  • Tripping on a hazard at a sporting event
  • Getting injured due to faulty equipment

There is help available to see if filing a personal injury claim.  Contact us today and schedule your free consultation.  Our personal injury attorneys will walk you through each step of the filing process to make sure you understand what happens and when.


Sometimes personal injuries can be:

  • Slipping on a wet floor that was not marked
  • Being bitten by a dog that attacked you
  • Injury on the job at a construction site
  • Being burned at a beauty salon
  • Motor vehicle accident caused by someone else

Personal injury claims may not be settled fast.  Most of the time, it is a time consuming process.  The damages incurred by your personal injury in the Puget Sound area may not recover fast either.  Be sure to ask about a time estimate when meeting with one of our attorneys.

If you were personally injured in one area of Puget Sound but live in another, our firm can still assist you in your personal injury claim.  Our office is located in Tacoma but we serve clients in the Puget Sound area.

Other personal injuries in the Puget Sound include:

  • Being burned at a tanning salon due to a faulty tanning bed
  • Being hit as a pedestrian
  • Receiving an injury while riding on public transportation
  • Brain injury of any type
  • Getting injured due to faulty utility equipment (like a ‘hot’ line)


Filing a personal injury claim may help you recover some of the out of pocket expenses that you have incurred since your personal injury.  There is no cost for our initial consultation to determine if your personal injury may benefit from filing a personal injury claim.

Other damages that may be appropriate for your claim are time loss wages from your job, medical bills not covered by your health insurance, as well as transportation costs to medical appointments.  Recovered damages may also help to pay back for assistive devices that you needed after your personal injury to retain some mobility.  Assistive devices include, but are not limited to, canes, walkers, crutches, shower chairs, and hand grasps for the bath tub.

Puget Sound area personal injuries can also include:

  • Getting injured at a bank
  • An injury at work
  • Receiving an injury at college
  • Getting hurt at a warehouse
  • An injury at a hotel or motel

Our personal injury firm has experienced attorneys that strive to assist you in recovering the appropriate damages since your personal injury occurred. We look forward to assisting you in your personal injury claim matter.  Please call us today so that you can begin to recover legally from your personal injury.