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Passenger Injuries * Documentation Tracking * Personal Injuries

Passenger injuries in personal injury claims can be complex.  Passenger injuries may involve you and a relative or friend in a motor vehicle accident.  If they were negligent in your injuries you may need to hold them responsible.  We’ll represent you in the delicate matter of passenger injuries.  In passenger injuries you can claim the full value of your lost earnings.  We hire experts to calculate your future earnings.

In passenger injuries the other party must get their own attorney.  We only represent you and your interests.  Our goal is to stand up to the insurance companies and get you fair compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses and other costs.  Contact Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. if you believe someone else is responsible for your passenger injuries.


  • Negotiate and deal with insurance companies
  • Potential compensation for your injuries
  • Assistance in filing personal injury claims
  • Aggressive representation on your behalf
  • Litigation services
  • Insure all medical bills are paid


Documentation Tracking

Documentation is the most important proof in your personal injury claim.  Documentation shows the extent of your personal injuries.  And documentation documents the extent of your injuries, medical treatments and condition.  At Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. we do thorough documentation tracking.  We follow your medical records, treatment plans and other records.  We follow up with your employer to get lost wages, due to your personal injuries.


  • Follow treatment and injury reports
  • Medical treatment notes
  • Lost wage calculations
  • Establish clear proof of injury
  • Correspondence from insurance companies

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