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Education • DUIs • Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our education page provides helpful information for DUIs or motor vehicle accidents. The education page contains common sense steps for DUIs and motor vehicle accidents. Failing to use these tips could hurt your case. Refer back to the education page for more information. We’ll periodically update it for your use.


A DUI charge can affect you for the rest of your life. Failing to act responsibly during a DUI stop can result in serious charges and costs. The following tips should help you if you’re stopped on a DUI. Remember you have the right to remain silent. Just because you’re involved in a DUI stop doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Contact Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. for legal representation.

  • Obey the commands of the police officer
  • Don’t attempt to leave the scene
  • Don’t refuse to take a breathalyser test
  • Remain calm
  • Speak to the police officer with respect

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents initially create confusion. Never leave the scene of a motor vehicle accident without providing your contact and insurance information. Get the driver’s license information from the other driver or drivers. Ask for their name, address and phone number. Gather names and contact information from any witnesses to your motor vehicle accident. In motor vehicle accidents pictures are vital. They provide visual proof of damage and injuries. Below are more helpful tips on how to handle your motor vehicle accidents.

  • Stay at the scene
  • Call 911
  • Wait for police to arrive
  • Share insurance information with the other driver
  • Get the other driver’s insurance information if possible
  • Collect the VIN, license plate, year and make of other vehicle
  • Don’t force other driver to give you vehicle and licensing information
  • Get a copy of your accident report
  • Get pictures of debris, damage and other visual proof

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