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University Place Construction Site Accidents

We protect the rights of workers that are victims of construction injuries. If you are the victim of construction injuries and are coping with pain, serious medical issues and financial concerns, seeking legal advice of our construction accident lawyer may be the best option for protecting your rights.

One of the most important steps in your legal recovery is meeting with our expert legal team serving University Place residents to analyze the issues associated with your potential case, such as:

  • Analyzing the legal responsibilities and duties of the many entities involved
  • Investigating the cause
  • Reviewing any engineering-related issues
  • Investigating employer compliance with site-safety and occupational standards
  • Conducting a full interview process of multiple witnesses to the accident

We will carefully guide you through the legal process, and explain your rights to fair compensation for damages.

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University Place Construction Accidents


We are compassionate about the devastating losses of victims with construction injuries. As an injured victim of a construction site accident you may have a legitimate claim for damages if a third party is at-fault, such as engineers, architects, manufacturers or sub-contractors.

Our expert legal team will work aggressively on your behalf to recover fair compensation to which you are eligible from the at-fault parties. In evaluating your case, our legal team will:

  • Explain your legal rights
  • Describe how the legal process can help you in seeking fair compensation
  • Carefully analyze your potential claim
  • Review the specific compliance and regulatory issues
  • Prepare an evidence assessment
  • Develop an effective legal strategy
  • Identify and recruit specialized experts and industry professionals

Our expert legal team is experienced and highly-skilled in negotiating and litigating for fair compensation for residents of University Place. Call us for personal injury representation!

University Place Construction Accident Lawyer


We specialize in issues of personal injury and wrongful death cases resulting from construction site accidents that range from minor to catastrophic, and those that result in death.

As experienced construction accident lawyers, we are skilled in interpretation of the laws involving industry accidents to help victims of construction injuries obtain benefits and compensation for wrongful injury.

We work aggressively to prove the negligence of at-fault parties by taking on legal teams of corporations and insurance carriers that frequently focus on bottom line considerations rather than fair compensation for victims of construction injuries.

If you are searching for strong legal representation serving residents of University Place, these are reasons to call us:

  • Record of positive outcomes in recovery of lost wages and medical expenses
  • Reputation for the highest professional ethics and integrity
  • Aggressive negotiating and litigating skills
  • Expertise in interpretation of laws involving wrongful injury in industry accidents
  • Years of experience since 1956
  • Compassionate client representation

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