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Seattle Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents can be complicated and complex, and should be aggressively evaluated by a highly-qualified construction accident lawyer.

Victims of construction accidents may find that the severity of their construction injuries is serious to the point where they are unable to return to work.

No matter what the extent of your work-related injuries may be it is important to meet with our skilled construction accident lawyer serving Seattle residents to begin your legal recovery and to discuss the issues relating to your potential case, such as:

  • Employer compliance with occupational and site-safety standards
  • Engineering-related issues
  • Liability and indemnity determinations

We recommend that victims of construction accidents they seek the services of a construction injury lawyer who will explain their rights to compensation for damages and injury.

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Seattle Construction Accidents


The very nature of construction work lends itself to construction site accidents and work-related injuries.

Our law firm and its construction accident lawyer are passionate about representation of victims of construction accidents because we understand loss of wages and medical expenses can be devastating.

Many workers do not understand that their employer’s insurance company may attempt to minimize injuries as a result of construction site accidents by placing their focus on protecting the company’s assets.

For reasons like that, our construction accident lawyer serving Seattle residents will work tirelessly on behalf of victims of construction injuries by:

  • Analyzing on-site safety programs
  • Fully investigating all company contracts
  • Conducting interviews of all witnesses and construction experts
  • Interviewing construction site management personnel
  • Negotiating or litigating for fair compensation

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Seattle Construction Accident Lawyer


It is important for victims of construction site accidents to seek the services of a construction accident lawyer experienced in injury law.

Construction sites generally have multiple entities involved in the construction project requiring analysis of the legal responsibilities and duties of each. These are some of the entities that may all be working on construction projects during construction accidents:

  • Prime contractors
  • General and multiple sub-contractors
  • The owner of the construction site
  • Architects and engineers
  • Manufacturers of construction equipment
  • Insurers

Victims of construction site accidents in which a third party is at fault have the right to seek compensation for losses due to injury. Because that claims process for injured victims of construction accidents is complicated we recommend seeking the services of our construction injury lawyer serving Seattle that specializes in assisting with filing lawsuits against at-fault third parties.

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