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Port Orchard Construction Site Accidents

Our firm’s construction accident lawyer serving Port Orchard residents has the knowledge, expertise and negotiation skills to take victims of construction accidents through the legal process to get fair compensation for damages.

Despite the fact that construction sites follow regulations, inspections, specifications and safety programs to prevent construction site accidents, with the nature of the work and the wide range of hazards, accidents continue to occur.

Generally, there are many entities involved or at-fault when construction accidents do happen. Our construction accident lawyer has years of experience in preparing the basis for fair compensation that includes:

  • A review of on-site safety programs
  • An interview of construction experts, witnesses and site management personnel
  • A full investigation of contracts
  • Negotiating or litigating for fair compensation

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Port Orchard Construction Accidents


For victims of construction site accidents suffering with injuries as a result of building site accidents such as scaffolding accidents, ladder falls, or slip-and-fall injuries, our firm’s construction accident lawyer serving Port Orchard residents will work aggressively to acquire fair compensation.

Construction site accidents are frequently caused by someone other than your employer, such as an architect, a contractor or an engineer.

If negligence on the part of a third-party entity resulted in your injuries, it is vital to act quickly to gather evidence because the conditions on construction sites change rapidly.

Construction accidents can also be very complicated and should be aggressively evaluated by our construction accident lawyer who will:

  • Provide a free initial consultation to evaluate your personal injury case
  • Develop a strategy
  • Prepare an analysis of related evidence
  • Enlist the services of specialized experts and professionals

As an experienced law firm we are passionate about our representation of victims of construction injuries and will work tirelessly to help seek fair compensation for losses such as medical expenses and wages.

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Port Orchard Construction Accident Lawyer


Our firm’s construction accident lawyer has the skills and experience to prepare effective representation for victims of serious or permanent wrongful injury.

For victims of construction site accidents that have suffered injuries as a result of the negligence on the part of a third party, we can provide legal guidance to help obtain fair compensation.

In the case of wrongful injury as a result of construction accidents it is common for at-fault parties to direct their legal teams into immediate action.

We can take on those legal teams hired by insurance carriers and corporations by fighting aggressively for rights to recover fair compensation for personal injuries as a result of construction site accidents. Our construction injury lawyer can:

  • Investigate and review all contracts
  • Conduct an analysis of on-site safety programs
  • Interview site management personnel, construction experts and witnesses
  • Negotiate or litigate for fair compensation

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