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Bonney Lake Construction Site Accidents

As a highly-reputable law firm with knowledge and expertise in dealing with complex personal injury and wrongful death cases as a result of construction site accidents, we strongly advise victims to seek professional legal services of a law firm that specializes in assisting in filing lawsuits against at-fault third parties.

We aggressively work to protect the rights of victims in the Bonnie Lake community by evaluating their cases and pursuing their right to seek fair and swift compensation for losses. Because construction site accidents are, by their very nature, complicated, we recommend engaging legal representation for reasons such as, but not limited to:

  • The large volume of parties involved
  • A need for thorough investigation of the cause
  • The essential process of interviewing multiple witnesses
  • The review of these types of accidents by Labor and Industries

If you are a victim trying to cope with the stress of your injuries and a prolonged recovery process, call us today for a free initial consultation to review your rights!

Bonney Lake Construction Accidents


We have a long and successful history since 1956 of personal injury representation of victims of construction injuries.

We are passionately focused on fighting for the rights of our clients because we have witnessed the devastating effects of debilitating injuries or even fatal harm.

If you are the victim of serious construction injuries in the Bonnie Lake area and don’t know where to turn for help, call us to help you navigate through the system. We will work on your behalf by:

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of on-site safety programs
  • Interviewing site management personnel
  • Completing a full investigation of all company contracts
  • Interviewing all construction experts and witnesses
  • Negotiating or litigating on your behalf for fair compensation

It is essential to act promptly in conducting a review of building site accidents because the site conditions change on a daily basis.

Call us for effective personal injury representation to help you obtain all of the compensation and benefits to which you are eligible.

Bonney Lake Construction Accident Lawyer


Our law firm is passionate about legal representation to protect the rights of victims of work-related injuries.

If you are a victim of a construction work-related accident, it is important to seek the services of an experienced and knowledgeable construction accident lawyer serving Bonnie Lake residents. We are dedicated to aggressively representing victims that have the right to be fairly compensated for their pain and suffering.

Many victims are unaware that their employer’s insurance company may attempt to minimize their work-related injuries by placing emphasis on protecting their company’s assets. We work aggressively on behalf of victims knowing that:

  • Each case requires immediate investigation of the accident scene
  • Workers generally believe workers’ compensation insurance is their only option
  • Employees believe their employer’s insurance company serves the best interest of workers
  • An experienced legal team is required for interpretation of the laws

Call Ladenburg, McKasy, Durkin, Inc., P.S. for a free initial consultation with an experienced construction accident lawyer to analyze your case. (253) 272-5226