Shelly Speir settles slip and fall claim against Target

In December 2012, Shelly Speir settled a case for a 58-year-old journeyman carpenter from Groton, Connecticut who had fallen on ice and snow in a Marysville Target.

Although Target had an Illinois property management company that had hired a local construction company to plow snow and deice Target’s parking lot, that work had not been done for several days during an extended snowstorm.

Our client slipped and fell in an accumulation of ice and snow, causing a full-thickness rotator cuff tear in his left shoulder.

The injury required immediate surgery. After completing his medical treatment, our client was still given a 13% permanent disability rating and could no longer work full time as a carpenter.

Shelly mediated the case against Target and the property management company and obtained a $68,000 settlement.

Because the construction company never responded to the lawsuit, Shelly took a default judgment against the company for another $82,000, bringing the total case value to $150,000.

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