Disabled client injured in highway collision

On February 17, 2009, our client was the back seat passenger of a Pierce Transit shuttle that was headed westbound on Highway 512.

The shuttle came to a stop for traffic ahead.  A semi-truck owned by Di Pietro Trucking did not stop and hit the shuttle.

The force of the impact caused our client’s head to whiplash and hit the back window, breaking out the glass.

Before to the collision, our client suffered developmental delays, but had never suffered from epilepsy.  Within 48 hours after the collision, she began having seizure activity ranging from short periods of staring to grand mal seizures.  The seizures were physically painful, but were also emotionally troubling to our client, who had the mental capacity of a five- to seven-year-old.  Our client’s doctors opined that she would need to take medication for the rest of her life to keep the seizures under control.

Shelly Speir settled the case for $591,095.  Because our client was on public assistance, Shelly helped to establish a special needs trust so her benefits would continue after she received her settlement. Also, her parents had not been appointed as her guardians, so Shelly helped them find a guardianship attorney and get officially appointed in court.

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