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Personal Injury Attorney Western Washington

Western Washington is home to an incredible variety of both natural and constructed beauty. At its center shines the Emerald City, or Seattle, as most know it by. However if you have lived in Western Washington for any length of time, you know better than most that even the most ideal city is not without its dangers. 

Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. is a personal injury attorney in Western Washington that has been practicing for over 50 years as your neighbor. We share your love for the area, but most importantly, we are familiar with both the laws and the courts that govern Western Washington. This gives our accident attorneys and personal injury attorneys the edge that they need to achieve the best possible success in your case, no matter what the case may be.

  • Dog or animal attack
  • Bicycle or pedestrian accident
  • Unmarked obstacle or tripping hazard
  • Lack of warning signs or precautions
  • Work place injury 

Accident Attorneys

Remember, at Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S., it is our goal to get justice for you, and help you regain the lifestyle that you need. We have examples all over Western Washington of people that we have helped gain the justice that they deserve.

Remember that even if your injury was the result of an accident, you may be entitled to reimbursement. Sometimes accidents are caused by mismarked hazards or possible a hazard what wasn’t marked at all. Sometimes proper care is not kept up around danger zones or signs have faded beyond legibility. No matter what your personal injury case is, call us at Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. and let us discus your best options with you. 

Another very important thing to remember when choosing an accident attorney or personal injury attorney, is that you want one that not only knows the Western Washington area, courts, and judges; but also you want an attorney that knows the law. At Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S., our accident attorneys and personal injury attorneys have over 100 years of experience in Western Washington Law from which to pull from, and are more than well qualified to represent your case.

When it comes to finding an accident attorney or personal injury attorney, don’t just settle for the first name in the phone book, or a friend of a friend. Take your case seriously and call Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. today. Let us show you why we are Western Washington’s number one accident attorney.