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Bremerton Car Accident Attorney

You need a car accident attorney if you or your loved one has been wrongfully injured in a motor vehicle accident. Let the motor vehicle accident attorney at Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. help you by providing expert legal counsel and representation in your auto accident case. We have been serving Bremerton, WA as a car accident attorney since 1960.

Our car wreck attorneys can handle all the legal aspects of your unfortunate accident while you focus on recovering from your physical and emotional injuries. Our car accident attorney for Bremerton can help you file compensation claims against one or more of the involved parties, including:

  •    Other drivers/pedestrians
  •     Vehicle manufacturer
  •     Roadway authority (if a road defect caused the accident)
  •     Transportation authority responsible for faulty/missing traffic signals

The skills of your car wreck attorneys in handling your claim case has a major bearing on the amount of compensation you receive. Count on our experienced motor vehicle accident attorney for Bremerton to help you get your due.

Bremerton Car Wreck Attorney


Hire expert car wreck attorneys for Bremerton to make sure you don’t lose out on your rights as a car accident victim. With our extensive experience, we are the perfect car accident attorney for you.

Our motor vehicle accident attorney helps you get due compensation for your losses and suffering. Our superb past record as car wreck attorneys successfully winning suitable claims for our Bremerton clients makes us a much sought-after car accident attorney.

The services delivered by our car wreck attorneys for Bremerton include:

  •    Communication with employer regarding missed work
  •     Follow up with doctors for medical bills
  •     Communication with insurance adjuster
  •     Motor vehicle accident attorney representation for negotiation and litigation

Bremerton Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney


Our car wrecks attorney realizes that the damage caused by your car accident can leave a lifelong impact. As a responsible motor vehicle accident attorney for Bremerton, we handle the procedural, filing, and other requirements of your case efficiently. Trust our car accident attorney to get you the maximum compensation for your losses.

The features that make us the favoured car wreck attorneys in Bremerton include:

  •    Motor vehicle accident attorney firm with combined experience of over 100 years
  •     Car accident attorney holding AV rating, the highest peer reviewed rating
  •     Free and sincere consultation with our car wreck attorneys for Bremerton
  •     Compassionate attitude of motor vehicle accident attorney to ease clients’ stress
  •     Aggressive representation by our car accident attorney of the highest caliber

Contact the accomplished Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. car accident attorney for Bremerton at (253) 272-5226 today!