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Lakewood Brain Injury Attorney

We are passionate about our representation of victims that have suffered injury to the brain as a result of negligence or wrongdoing on the part of another person or entity. Whether you are suffering mild, moderate or severe symptoms, it is important to get legal help to ensure protection of your legal rights.

We can provide a traumatic brain injury attorney serving Lakewood who is knowledgeable in advanced medical science, and highly experienced in interpretation and application of the laws particular to these types of claims to:

  • Evaluate your case
  • Ensure complete assessment and protection of your legal rights
  • Research the law
  • Interview witnesses
  • Review the evidence
  • Confer with expert witnesses
  • Plan a legal strategy
  • Negotiate with insurance companies, adjusters and opposing counsel

Because of the medical complexities associated with brain injury cases and our exceptional capabilities in claims of this type, we encourage you to consult with us. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation and case review.

Lakewood Head Injury


Whether you are a victim of head injury in Lakewood with minor trauma causing temporary loss of mental function, or severe damage as a result of negligence or carelessness by another person or entity, call us to ensure protection of your legal rights.

We have a strong history of helping victims who are facing extensive medical costs recover financially. It is also vital to seek legal representation to avoid tactics used by insurance companies to deny, minimize or delay the amount of damages due you as a claimant.

With our expertise in the complexities of this type of litigation, we are can build a strong case for compensation recovery due you under the law, including but not limited to:

  • Medical costs related to your incident
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical monitoring
  • Required rehabilitation services
  • Life care – driving, cooking, cleaning and general home care
  • Non-medical needs
  • Loss of wages during recovery
  • Total or diminished loss of earnings capability
  • Punitive damages
  • Future damages

Selection of legal representation is crucial because these types of cases are complex and can be challenging. Having legal counsel with our exceptional capabilities and knowledge of latest medical science is an important consideration.

Call our office to schedule a free initial consultation.

Lakewood Brain Injury


As an innocent victim of a Lakewood brain injury, you need and deserve aggressive legal representation to recover compensation due you under the law. We understand the needs of victims and are passionate in our representation of clients to hold the responsible party or entity accountable.

These are a few additional reasons to choose us for dedicated and personalized representation:

  • Our strong commitment to protecting your rights
  • History of successful outcomes and fair settlements
  • Ability to build a strong legal case
  • Strong negotiating skills
  • Expert legal experience and advanced knowledge of medical science
  • Record of successfully dealing with insurance carriers
  • Courteous professional service
  • We achieve positive results!

Call Ladenburg, McKasy, Durkin, Inc., P.S. for the highest level of legal representation! (253) 272-5226