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Kent Brain Injury Attorney

We can provide a traumatic brain injury attorney for Kentvictims who require legal representation with demonstrated knowledge of cutting-edge medical science. With potentially life-changing effects that may not be obvious to many, this silent epidemic is frequently the initial onset of a lifelong chronic disease leading to decline over a period of time.

If you or a loved one is a victim as a result of the negligence of another person, we can provide strong legal representation to help you seek compensation recovery such as, but not limited to:

  • Medical expenses from initial care to continuing support services
  • Continuation of medical monitoring to detect potentially long-term effects
  • Pain and suffering
  • Non-medical and life-care needs
  • Lost wages during time of recovery
  • Total or diminished earning capacity
  • Punitive damages
  • Changes or limitations in lifestyle

Time is of the essence in protecting your rights. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Kent Head Injury


If you or a loved one has experienced a head injury in Kent with symptoms that appear to be worsening, it is important to seek medical advice. Medical care is advisable if you are experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Brief or longer-term loss of consciousness
  • Serious bleeding
  • Lethargy or confusion
  • No indication of pulse or breathing
  • Clear fluid drainage from nose or ear
  • Vomiting

Causes of head injury can be the result of sport injuries, traffic accidents, assaults, workplace accidents, and any number of other sources of external trauma.

It is also vital for a victim suffering with this form of trauma as a result of a careless act or negligence on the part of another to seek legal counsel to determine if monetary compensation is due them. We can provide the services of experienced legal counsel who is knowledgeable in both complex medical science and legal implications.

Call our office today to schedule a free initial consultation to learn how we can help you recover financially.

Kent Brain Injury


We offer unparalleled legal help for innocent victims of a Kent brain injury resulting from the negligence or recklessness of another party.

Many victims require a long recovery time, while others may have life-long injuries requiring ongoing or permanent nursing care for the remaining years of their lives. These types of cases can be difficult to prove to an insurance company, a judge or jury because they are challenging to diagnose, and frequently considered to be psychological in nature.

With knowledge in advanced medical science and an understanding of the cognitive, physical and emotional effects of brain injury, we can provide legal representation to build a strong case to ease your financial burdens.

This is what we can do to help you:

  • Free initial consultation and review of your case
  • Claim evaluation
  • Work aggressively with insurance companies who generally fight these cases
  • Hold responsible those who are at fault for compensation due you
  • Provide legal rights protection
  • Use our experience, legal expertise and medical knowledge to achieve settlement

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