Tips for Choosing a Safe Car

In the market for a new car? When contemplating your new ride, give some thought to safety. We wanted to give you a few tips and resources to help you decide what car could be right for you. 

1. Check out a Car’s Crashworthiness. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has a nifty tool on their website. Just enter the make and model of a car to learn how it performs in crash simulations. (Another option is to make your selection from the IIHS’ list of top picks!) 

2. Consider a New (or Newer) Vehicle. The newer the vehicle, the more likely it is to come equipped with some of the latest crash avoidance technologies, such as lane departure warning, blind spot detection, and back-up cameras. 

3. Choose a White Car. The Monash University Research Centre in Australia conducted a study to determine if car color was associated with safety. Turns out, they discovered that drivers of white cars were in 12% less accidents than drivers of black cars. 

4. Get a CARFAX on any Used Car. If you’re opting to buy used, make sure to get a CARFAX report. This report will provide you with valuable information such as how many previous owners the car had and if it was in any reported crashes. As of this post, it’s $44.99 for a single report OR $99.99 for 5 reports (which may be a good option if you’re weighing between a few different vehicles). 

5. Get your Used Car Inspected. If you end up buying that used car, take it as soon as you can to a reputable auto mechanic. It’s possible that the vehicle had work done or was in a crash that wasn’t reported. These defects may not appear on that CARFAX report. A good mechanic can identify potential safety issues or repairs that need to be addressed. 

6. Acquaint yourself with the Owner’s Manual. Yes, we know it’s a brick of a book in your glove box! But thumbing through it can help you understand what to do before you find some strange warning light pop up on your dashboard. You can also learn the best driving practices for your vehicle, so you can make the most of its safety features. 

We hope that this list has sparked some ideas for what you might consider as you look for your next car. Happy shopping!

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