Pool Safety Tips

Perhaps some of your summer plans this year include taking your family to a pool. Whether it’s a public or private pool, we have a few tips to share. 

1. Always supervise your children. This one should go without saying, but it’s worth repeating. Children need to be watched in and around water. Also, be aware anytime you bring your child to an area that has a pool, even if you don’t intend to swim. According to the Red Cross, 69% of young children who drown were not expected to be in water. 

2. Teach your children to be mindful of drains. Drains and other suction devices in pools have been known to cause catastrophic injuries, and even fatalities. Pool owners need to make sure all drains have compliant drain covers to prevent serious injuries. 

3. Enroll your children in swimming lessons. Yes, it’s a lot of work and effort to take your children to swim lessons. But it is an investment worth making. 

4. Alcohol and swimming don’t mix. According to the CDC, alcohol is a factor in 70% of drowning deaths among adolescents and adults. Remember, drinking impairs your judgment and your reflexes. Both are critical to staying safe in and around water. On a similar note, use caution around pools if you’re starting a new medication and aren’t sure how it may impair you. 

5. Only enter pools you know to be clean and safe. When we think of injuries involving pools, we often think of drowning. But many people have gotten very ill by swimming in pools that did not have a proper chemical balance. Also, children or pets can be harmed by coming into contact with improperly stored pool chemicals. 

6. When in doubt, sit it out! If you have any concerns about the possible safety of a particular pool – we think you’re better safe than sorry. Find an alternative way to spend the day. 

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