Frustrated by the Insurance Claims Process?

Insurance companies love to make whimsical or heartwarming commercials, don’t they? The marketing message is clear: we’re on your side. We’re likeable. We’ll be there for you. However, as personal injury lawyers, we’ve seen otherwise. In fact, more often than not, car accident victims have to fight to get paid a fair settlement. 

Here are a few tactics we’ve seen insurance companies take to make the process frustrating. 

1. The Quick “Check In” Call. 

It might seem like a friendly gesture to hear from the other driver’s insurance company so soon after your accident. Even the same day! The adjustor may be quick to show empathy or even accept fault for what happened. 

But you should be on your guard. Remember that the insurance adjustor’s ultimate goal is to minimize their losses. They could use this opportunity to build rapport with you and get you to unintentionally say things that could hurt your claim. We always advise against providing the other driver’s insurance company a recorded statement about what happened. (It’s OK to decline this, if asked.)

2. The Quick Settlement Offer.

At first glance, this is another tactic that might feel like a positive. After all, isn’t it good that the insurance company is willing to send you a payment so quickly? 

Here’s what you should know: once you cash that check, you have ended your claim. This means that there’s no going back for more money later. If you are still recovering, you may not have a full picture of your medical bills, lost wages, and impact to your life. 

3. Delaying Your Claim. 

On the other hand, the adjustor may be slow to return your communication. Or you may get bounced around to another adjustor…. and then another one. 

The insurance companies know that many victims will become frustrated by this process and give up. In fact, they’re hoping that will happen.

4. Complicating the Process. 

Unfortunately, there are other ways that the insurance company can complicate the process for victims. 

They can claim there’s only “so much money available.” Or they could claim their insured isn’t at-fault for what happened. Or they could deny payment for certain, necessary medical treatments. 

Can a Car Accident Attorney Help?

One of the best things you can do if you have been seriously injured in a car crash is to call an injury attorney

At Ladenburg Law, we help advocate for victims – just like you – every day. We understand the tactics adjustors take and know how to negotiate for fair settlements. There’s no fee for an initial consultation. In fact, you only pay our fee once we’ve won you a settlement, so there’s no upfront cost! 

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about calls, emails, texts, and letters from the insurance company once we take on your case. Please, give us a call today.

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