Fall Driving Tips

Fall is a beautiful time of year here in the Pacific Northwest. But with the changing seasons, it’s important to recognize some of the potential hazards on the road. In our post today, we wanted to share some simple tips for driving safely this fall. 

Tip 1 – Watch for Shifts in Daylight. With the sunrise coming later and the sunset coming earlier, your commute may now be in the dark. Or, you might be staring directly into the sun during that time. Either way, make sure your headlights are working, and keep a pair of polarized sunglasses in your center console. 

Tip 2 – Watch for Frost. If you park your car outside, give extra time to thoroughly defrost your car in the mornings. Also, watch for pockets of ice on roadways. Shaded areas under trees and bridges can be particularly dangerous as you may not see this “black ice” until you are driving on top of it.

Tip 3 – Watch for Leaves. Leaves on the roadway can become slick or hide other hazards, such as potholes. Never drive through a pile of leaves! These can be enticing hiding spots for children, and tragic accidents have occurred before. 

Tip 4 – Watch for Fog. When it’s foggy out, make sure your headlights are on, but never your high beams. High beams will shine into the precipitation and reflect back at you, making it even more difficult to see. (Plus, more difficult for other drivers too.)

Tip 5 – Watch for Pedestrians. Some pedestrians, runners, and school children may fail to wear reflective gear or bright colors as Daylight Savings hits, making them more difficult to see. 

Tip 6 – Watch for Needed Car Maintenance. The shift in temperature can sometimes cause air pressure to drop in tires. This is also a good time to check your car battery and consider getting your tires rotated. Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and that all lights on your vehicle are working. 

We hope these tips will keep you driving safe and enjoying fall this year.

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