Disabled Veteran Receives Settlement

Disabled Veteran Receives Settlement for Injuries Caused by Four Wrecks

In June, Shelly Speir obtained a $101,000 settlement for a disabled veteran who suffered neck and back injuries in a series of four car wrecks.

Our client had a complex medical history.  He had been involved in four accidents before the car wrecks, including two falls from ladders.  One of the falls had caused fractures in his spine.  He had also had surgery to correct bulging disks in his lower back before the wrecks.  He had complained of chronic neck and back pain before the wrecks.  Yet in spite of his pre-collision injuries, he was still able to work as a locksmith.

An attempt was made to negotiate a settlement before filing a lawsuit, but the insurance companies for each of the drivers disagreed about which of the four wrecks caused the most damage.

The case was also complex because of the parties’ insurance coverage.  One of the drivers who hit our client was not insured at all.  Another of the drivers only had minimal policy limits of $25,000.  Our client had to file suit against all four drivers plus his own underinsured motorist (“UIM”) carrier.

Once the case was filed, there were delays caused by the Veteran’s Administration.  The VA took over a year to provide our client with copies of his complete medical records and bills.  Our office had to contact Senator Patty Murray’s office for assistance in getting the records and bills turned over.  The original trial date had to be rescheduled because of the delay.  Finally, after nearly 18 months, the records and bills were received and our client was able to present proof of his damages.

The parties held a joint mediation to see if a settlement could be reached prior to trial.  Ultimately, the case was resolved outside the courtroom.  TCLMDS then helped resolve all of the outstanding liens and medical bills, and our client was able to collect his share of the settlement.

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