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Construction Site Accidents - Rights of Renton Residents


We are a law firm that represents injury victims of construction site accidents to aggressively protect their rights.

Because of the many entities involved on construction sites and the complexity of the claims process, if you have sustained injuries as a result of a construction accident it is our recommendation that you seek the services of our highly-qualified construction accident lawyer serving Renton residents to evaluate your case, and pursue your right to seek compensation for losses.

Our firm's construction accident lawyer can analyze the legal responsibilities and duties of those involved in the construction project, including but not limited to:

  • Architects and engineers
  • Prime contractors
  • General and sub-contractors
  • The construction site owner
  • Manufacturers of the construction equipment
  • Insurers

In cases that involve construction accidents it is vital for victims to contact a law firm for construction injury lawyer representation. Call us to schedule an initial free consultation.

Personal Injury Representation – Renton Construction Accidents


Our firm's construction accident lawyer has years of experience providing personal injury representation for victims of construction site accidents.

We are passionate about protecting the rights of victims of construction accidents because we understand the devastation of lost wages and high medical expenses.

Our construction accident lawyer will work aggressively to acquire fair compensation for Renton residents starting with:

  • A full investigation of contracts
  • Thorough review of all on-site safety programs, plans and procedures
  • Interviews of witnesses and construction experts
  • Construction site management interviews
  • Negotiating or litigating for fair compensation

Construction site accidents require the experience and expertise of professional construction accident attorneys. Call us today for personal injury representation if you are a victim of construction injuries.

Experienced Construction Accident Lawyer for Renton Residents


Despite the efforts of all entities involved to deal with site-safety, construction site accidents continue to occur because of the dangerous nature of the work.

It is extremely important for victims of construction accidents to seek the services of a construction accident lawyer representing Renton residents that is experienced in construction injury law.

We aggressively represent victims by assisting in filing lawsuits against at-fault third parties for compensation for losses due to injury.

We work tirelessly on behalf of victims of construction site accidents recognizing that:

  • Workers tend to believe workers' compensation insurance is their only source of support
  • Your case should receive immediate investigation of the accident scene
  • Your employer's insurance company may attempt to minimize your injury
  • A knowledgeable construction injury lawyer is needed for interpretation of the laws

Call Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. to learn how we work with victims of construction accidents in seeking compensation for their losses due to personal injury.