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Medical Malpractice – Understanding Your Rights in Auburn


Not everyone in Auburn, WA might be aware that they have a right to be compensated for harm they suffer due to negligence in medical services. Medical professionals who fail to meet the set healthcare standards and cause serious injury to the patient can be sued for medical malpractice.

Some of the common mistakes that may harm Auburn patients and give rise to medical malpractice or negligence cases are:

  • Failure or delay in diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Incorrect procedures
  • Erroneous medication
  • Poor sterilization
  • Unsanitary procedures

Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. offers the services of medical malpractice lawyers to help the people in Auburn who have suffered due to medical negligence fight for their rights. Practising since 1960, we are a reputable law firm with the expertise and resources to handle even the most complex medical malpractice cases.


Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyers for the Auburn Resident


Successful representation in Auburn medical malpractice lawsuits calls for medical malpractice lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the subject and effective representation skills. Such knowledge and skills come with experience.

Auburn victims of medical negligence are fortunate that we have the highly experienced medical malpractice lawyers they need. In fact, we have another feature that sets us apart from the region’s other medical malpractice lawyers. Our medical malpractice lawyers are considerate and helpful individuals who are sensitive to the clients’ situation and committed to serving them in the best possible manner.

The residents of Auburn who hire our services can be reassured by our:

  • Extensive experience in handling medical malpractice lawsuits
  • Dedicated team of honest, knowledgeable and diligent medical malpractice lawyers
  • Impressive past record of success in medical negligence cases
  • Reputation for aggressive representation and winning high settlements

Auburn Malpractice Lawyers for Personal Injury Representation


Auburn residents must understand that they should not hire just any medical malpractice lawyers to represent them. The work of medical malpractice lawyers is highly specialized. Proving liability in such personal injury cases is not very easy and choosing the right medical malpractice lawyers is the most important for ensuring a positive outcome in the case.

Our seasoned, expert medical malpractice lawyers offer all that our Auburn clients need for their successful personal injury representation:

  • Careful case evaluation
  • Intensive investigation
  • Powerful representation
  • Effective litigation

Are you a victim of wrong medical practices in Auburn? Ladenburg McKasy Durkin Inc. P.S. can help. Call (253) 777-1900 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced medical malpractice lawyers.